If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

Why should I buy a report?

Our online service is developed with the prospective of saving your valuable time and resources to identify Public Funding opportunities. By having accesses to all relevant Public Funding sources you can faster and more efficient grow your business. 

From where do you get the information?
The Global Capital Guide collects all information from open sources on the Internet, from relevant publications, through direct contact with Institutions and a worldwide web of professional contacts. 

How sure can I be that the information provided is correct?
As all information is collected through open sources, we rely on our sources, which are in most cases the financial institutions themselves. The Global Capital Guide does not create an Institution, Fond or Program without prior written confirmation from the Institution in question.  

Why should I pay for information that is free on the Internet?
The information we collect is raw-data from open sources. Our Intelligence Unit collects, categorizes and structures the raw data making it into a selectable, readable database ready to be commercially utilized on-line. 

The structured information sold by The Global Capital Guide is not available from anybody else and the reports are copyright restricted and protected. 

How can I filter the opportunities online?
Just go to the main-menu point “Funds”. On your left side of the screen you will find the list of filtering functions.

Seat of applicant is where your company has its business seat. 

Investment location is where you are planning to/have your project in East-Africa.

Business phase is defined in what stage the company is considered to be in when applying for funding.

Grant capital is what type of funding you are looking for. You will find definitions of the capital types under the main-menu “About Public Funding”.

If you still are unable to get your preferred choice of funds, please call us on +46-8 669 73 40

What do I gain by using the services provided by The Global Capital Guide?
Our on-line service is developed with the prospective of saving your valuable time and resources to identify Public Funding opportunities. By having accesses to all relevant Public Funding sources you can faster and more efficient grow your business.  

To utilize the information to its full value and extend, you need to invest resources in the application process with the actual institution.  

What will be my next recommended step after receiving my report?
When you receive the report from us with all necessary information about the program, we strongly recommend you to take direct contact with the actual Institution and refer to your new knowledge before proceeding with the application.

What is the difference between Institutions, Programs and Funds?
An “Institution” is the highest political organizational level. The “Institution” is most often the organization, which is assigned to carry out a political decision.

A “Program” is one or several specific planned activities instructed by an “Institution”. This includes in what way and to whom the “Institution” has decided to support.

A “Fund” is what amount of money the Institution and the Programs have available.

Can I get help in analyzing opportunities given in the report?
The Global Capital Guide can consult you in analyzing the report – contact us and request an offer.

Who are the most important Public Funding Institutions on the international level?
The most important Public Funding Institutions on the international level are the United Nations, the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund.

Are there semi-forms of Public Funding Institutions?
Yes, sometimes Public Funding Institutions want to co-finance for instance with a private business company, who has a competence within a specific industry.

What is the meaning of the expression “parallel financing”?
Parallel financing means that one; Public Funding Institution establishes co-financing or joint financing with another Public Funding Institution.

Do I need own money and internal liquidity when I apply for Public Funding?
Most often there is a need for own money and internal liquidity when you apply for Public Funding.
If you for instance apply for a grant and get the grant approval, you often need to pay the invoices in advance and you receive the grants afterwards, often in portions for instance every third month during a project.

How long does it take to receive the money from a Public Funding Institution, if your application has been approved?
In general a time indication is 3-6 months. This depends on the capital category you apply for. E g loans could be down to 1 - 2 months.

Is Public Funding accessible only within specific dates, i.e. between a start date and a stop date?
The capital category that most often is accessible only within specific dates is grant capital.

How can I co-finance with a Public Funding Institution and in what way can it be done?
Most often you need to co-finance with Public Funding Institutions. Co-financing is most often done with own cash, but can sometimes be done with work measured in time. Time is often referred to as “in-kind-financing” which means financing by own internal activities.

How sure can I be that the information is updated?
We enjoy a web of professional contacts and to the best of our capacity we are on continuously basis maintaining and updating all relevant information in in the database. However, we do not guarantee a 100% degree of correctness, as our sources themselves do not continuously update their information. 

Can I apply to one only or to all relevant programs put forward in the report? 
In general - you can apply to as many programs as you want. However, in most cases as you fill in your application you will be asked if you have applied elsewhere. If you have received similar funds elsewhere you might be rejected.    

Where do I get consultancy to fill in the application?
The report itself guides you directly to an application form. The language is mostly English and the application terminology used is understandable. You could take help from a third party consultant, specialized on application of Public Funding.

How do I apply?
The report gives you instructions to the actual program and we encourage you to take contact directly with the Institution where you are qualified.

If not satisfied upon receiving a report – can I complain and get refunded?
The offer is based on a Business-to-Business model, and the deal is settled at the time of payment and delivery.

The information you receive is made to the best of our efforts and knowledge and sold to our clients on “as good as we can make it”- basis. As a consequence, The Global Capital Guide does not refund clients claiming our database is not complete or incorrect. 

However, we reserve the right - and clients have the right – to a re-delivery if the report received is not in correspondence with the ordering instructions given by the client.