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African Financing offers consultancy services to support you in the process of findign suitable public financing funds.



What is your project about and what purpose will this do to achieve political objectives? How is the structure of the project and the company? What within the project can you get funding for? Lets start here!

Global Capital Guide can help you to prepare your project; on what type of funding is best for you, how to think at your phase in the project, what is relevant and what is not, and do a strategic plan for your search for public funding. You can fill out the form on the site or contact us and we will set up a meeting in our office or via Skype.

Most important, we want you to succeed with your project - we are here for you!



Have you found a program you want to apply to? Great! What is the next step?

Global Capital Guide can support you by guiding you through the program or fund to a successful application. We have long experience of application work and willadvise how to optimize your application. We can also support with experienced consultants in the field in order to establish e.g. business plan or budget.

Well-meant advice: if you are well prepared, the application is much more successful.


Expert help

Do you have a large or a complex project and need help to find solutions with in the area of public funding? Exiting!

Global Capital Guide can with its experience help you to find more simplesolutions to complex challenges. At some point we all need expert support.

Let the Global Capital Guide be your partner in expert help within the area of public funding.


The whole process

What is public funding? How can your project apply for public funding? How will the process be? Want help through the process?

Global Capital Guide can be part of the process from the first to last step, everything from gathering information until the end of potential success. In this service we become a partner and support to the company and will take you throughout every single step needed.

Public funding is not difficult, but it can be a challenge the first time.We promise you, the second and third will be much easier!

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