About Public Financing

Public Funding is in this Governmental financial support to enterprises, focusing on new business initiatives, business growth and initiatives that support political objectives. Most Public Funding initiatives are based on political decisions founded on development objectives.

First, the overall Governmental Public Funding objective is to channel financial resources into common welfare – domestic as well as internationally. Second, Governments establish Public Funding in order to encourage and support R&D, entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and enterprises to invest time and money into new initiatives.

Public Funding is in most cases seen as complementary support and is not available for everyone.

Two main criteria's are:

  • The business idea or project is most likely to succeed, based on a track record from the actual business.
  • The business and the main stakeholder need to show a sustainable (liquidity) to support is financed through Public Funding.

All Public Funding Initiatives have a primary target group and the Global Capital Guide is for those who want to secure the exploration of all possibilities and to save time when looking for complementation options of financing.