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    Public financing is governmental and institutional funds aimed at developing businesses that support political objectives.

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  • About African Financing

    African Financing identifies and customizes public financing offerings in Africa to guide SMEs towards realizing their business and project ideas on the world’s fastest growing continent.

    Most countries and institutions in the world offer different kind of public financing instruments to companies. Some financing opportunities apply to both domestic companies as well as foreign owned companies. However, it is time consuming and requires high competency to identify suitable public financing funds. There are no comprehensive directories or centrally organized knowledge about current public financing funds, neither nationally nor internationally. At the same time, the growth of many companies is dependent on public financing. Therefore, African Financing was initiated to guide SMEs to identify relevant financing funds.

    African Financing is an initiative started by The Global Capital Guide, which is a private company working as an information and analysis source to SMEs within public financing. To read more about The Global Capital Guide, we suggest that you go to The Global Capital Guide’s website .

    The starting point for the initiative was related to an establishment of a Swedish company in Kenya working with water and sanitation. The company spent uncountable hours to find appropriate public financing funds, where the spark was ignited to simplify public financing for SMEs. The founders of The Global Capital Guide, with life-long entrepreneurial experiences, along with several students, started to develop a global database platforms that follows the capital flow within public financing. With this database platform, The Global Capital Guide withholds knowledge that is valuable to companies across the globe searching for public financing funds.

    The Global Capital Guide and African Financing is proud to offer you the possibility to access the database for African projects and find your specific funds where you are pre-qualified.